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Sunday October 21, 12pm - 6pm

Yoga Seminar

In conjunction with
The City of Newport  News
Parks and Recreation Department:

Brittingham-Midtown Community Center
570 McLawhorneDrive
Newport News VA, 23601
Phone: (757) 591-4853

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The Seminar begins at 12:00pm with a one-hour Panel Discussion: An Introduction to Hatha Yoga, followed by an open house where you can meet local yoga instructors & learn about the many programs offered in the community. Both are free to the public!

Daily OM

Yogaseminars.net has started a Daily OM Group. We call it "Living the
OM." We meet on Thursdays at 11:30 am. We meet and discuss one to two
Daily OM's that are particularly important to the presenter. We take
turns each time we meet. The presenter reads the OM and then shares it's
particular meaning, to them. How they live it or perhaps where they
"fall short." Each person then shares how the particular OM impacts
their life. People who care just to "listen" can pass when it becomes
their turn. <more>


Thank you for visiting our web site, www.yogaseminars.net  My name is Rick Tvelia I am by trade a dog trainer and own a training/boarding facility in Newport News, Virginia, called Coastal Dog Services, Inc.  The web address is www.coastaldog.com

                 I first became interested in Yoga at the YMCA, in Yorktown, Virginia when I ran into a friend of mine and he told me that he and his wife had just taken a yoga class. I asked what exactly yoga was and he said stretching. I was approaching my 58th birthday and knew I was very inflexible as I basically never stretched. Except maybe a little before running, when that was the craze. I told him I would join him next week.

             The next Thursday at 10:00 am I showed up in my workout shorts and a shirt. The, mostly, ladies in the class were very nice and very supportive. They told me to grab two mats from the closet and take my shoes and socks off. I participated in the class which was not gentile yoga and not challenge yoga, as they refer to them at the Y but something in between. Half way through the 55 minute class I was thinking "what the he_ _" am I doing here. By the time we got to final relaxation I felt the transformation. I was not tired, not out of breath, not sweating but felt something very different. Quieter, and relaxed which for me, having a type A personality, is hard.  However, I was hooked.

                 I participated once a week for many weeks and then started a second class. I now do three classes a week and rarely miss. People tell me they see a big improvement in my posses and we all love that kind of praise but for me that does not matter as much as how I feel. Every now and then I can tell I stand up straighter and am far more flexible. I have been a ballroom dancer for 6 years and it has really helped with my flexibility, especially in my hip movements.

             I then saw a book on Yoga and starting reading. Realizing that there is a lot more to yoga than stretching I asked my original instructor, Lisa, about classes or seminars in the area and she directed me to a couple of places that were not quite what I was looking for, thus www.yogaseminars.net was born.

             With the help of the local yoga community we will be putting on yoga seminars/workshops and retreats. They may be as short as a one day seminar offering different levels of yoga, different types of yoga as well as exploration of the many aspects of yoga. IE: Breathing techniques, chanting, proper posses the spiritual aspects of yoga as well as other experiences such as vegetarian diets and meditation. They may also run from two to three days.

             Further, we would like this web site to be a local forum for those of you interested in finding out more about the yoga experience. As you look around please feel free to e mail us or call us with any suggestions as to ways we can make this better. We want it to be resource for all things going on in the yoga community. If you have a yoga business or would like to contribute to this site in any way do not hesitate to contact us. We will post your schedule or promote your business. Once again, thank you for your interest in us.    

Rick's Yoga Buddies
Back Row: Bill, Anne Marie, Rick, Gary, Wythe
Front: Melissa, Lisa, Heidi, Wen Li, Kathy, Heather